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Washing Machine Repair

Stepping into suds? It might be time for a washing machine repair from A One Appliance Repair in Louisville, KY. Our professional, factory-trained technicians come to your home equipped to fix your washer and get you back to business.

Your washing machine carries a lot of responsibility, and we are here to make sure you can depend on us when something goes wrong. Give us a call if you experience any of these common issues with your washing machine:

Most Common Washing Machine Problems

Some fixes are surprisingly simple like a hose or connection that simply needs tightening.
Others require a little more sophistication in diagnostics.



If your washer seems to be walking away with each load, it may simply be an unbalanced load, or an uneven machine. Either way, it is likely a simple fix.
An unbalanced load can be remedied simply by pausing the machine and rearranging the load inside. If your washing machine is imbalanced, wait until all the water has drained completely and then use the leveling feet to balance the machine.

If you are having trouble balancing the washer, we can help there as well. No issue is too simple and no job is too small, give us a call and we can help quiet your wobbling washer.


Filling and Draining

Filling problems can be difficult to diagnose, but often deal with the water control unit, or the circuit board of the machine. A draining issue is likely a faulty pump or a blockage in the hose or motor. Both of these repairs require a bit of disassembly and should be handled by a washer repair professional.



Washing machines can leak, even if you don’t see water on your floor. There may be leaking underneath the washing machine ruining your floor before you even realize it. The most common reasons for leaks are a broken or faulty hose. Finding a leak can be tricky if it is not clearly obvious. Before a flood appears in your laundry room, call our experts to locate the leak and fix or replace the hose quickly and professionally.

Other common problems with washers we can fix:

  • Stops mid cycle, Vibration, Fills slowly, Staining clothes.
  • Overflowing, Lid or door won’t lock, Not spinning, Won’t spin.
  • Won’t drain, Not agitating, Leaking water, Making loud noise.
  • Hose replacement, Pump cleaning, Motor replacement, Line checks.
  • Balancing and leveling, Timers and electronics.

A smoothly running appliance is only a call or text away!


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